Schitzophrenia And Other Mental Disorders Essay Research


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Schitzophrenia And Other Mental Disorders Essay, Research Paper

Schitzophrenia and Other Mental Disorders

By: Michael Dugger and Amanda Peachrin

Mental Disorders

The term mental disorder means psycological and behavioral syndromes

that deviate signicantly from those typical of human beings enjoying good mental

health. All that mumbo jumbo means that a person with a mental disorder was a

few cards short of a full deck. This is probably not the persons fault that

they are like this they were just born this way. These people are not all a

like. They are not even in exact classes because all of the classes have not

been seperated yet. In most cases a normal person that has no disorders is

afraid of these type of people. This is because they do not want to turn out

the way these people are. A common example of a mental disorder is down

syndrome. There was a television program in the early 90’s that featured a boy

that had to live with this terrifying disorder. This show was very

inspirational for all people with disorders. The boy’s name was Corky who

fought all aspects of the disorder. Them being from physical triumphs to just

everyday kids harrassing him at school. The show was taken off the air in 1993

because of sponsers.

Records of types of disorders are unknown along with many of other

records of treatments to people inflicted with a disorder. This is mainly

because in the early 1900’s people thought that people with disorders were just

stupid and they did not investigate further into the matter. The quanity of

people that have a disorder is unknown. There is an estimated guess that 15% of

the U.S. population has some sort of disorder but that is not factual. This is

because the survey people only can estimate from the people who check

theirselves into a institution, the ones who do so make up 3% of the 15%

estimation. The U.S. in 1990 spent an estimated 148 billion on treating mental


Childhood Disorders

Several Mental disorders are evident first in infancy, childhood, and


Mental retardation is characterized by the inability to learn normally

and to become as an independent and socially responsible as others of the same

age in the same culture. A retarded person go through a lot of emotional

problems because of the society making fun of these people. A retarded person

has an IQ of less than 70.

Attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder includes conditions marked by

inappropiate lack of attention, by impulsiveness, and by hyperactivity, in which

the child has difficulty organizing and completing work, is unable to stick to

activities or follow directions, and is excessively restless.

Anxiety disorder include fear of leaving home and parents, excessive

shrinking from contact with strangers, and excessive, unfocused worrying and

fearful behavior.

Persuasive developement disorders are characterized by distortions in

several psychological functions, such as attention, perception, reality testing,

and motor movement. An example is infantile autism, a condition marked by

unresponsiveness to other people, bizarre responses, and gross inability to

communicate to the others in the world.

Paranoid Disorder

The central feature of the paranoid disorders in a persons dilusion, for

instance that he or she is being persecuted or conspored against. In other form,

the dilusion consists of unreasonsably jealousy. the person maybe resentful,

angry, sometimes violent, socially an outcast or isolated, seclusive, and

eccentric. The disorder usually starts in middle or late adult life and can be

seriously disrupting to social and maritalrelationship.

Anxiety Disorders

Anxiety is the predominant symptom in two conditions: panic disorder and

generalized anxiety disorder.

In phobias and obsessive-compulsive disorders, also considered anxiety

disorders, fear is experienced when an individual tries to master other symptoms.

A phobia is an irrational fear of a specific object, activity, or situation

that is so intense that it interferes with everday life. Obsessions are

repetitive thoughts, images, ideas, or impulses that make no sense to the person.

He or she can fear being unable to avoid committing a violent act, for example,

or worry over whether some small duty has been performed. Compulsions are

repetitive behaviors performed dutifully to try to ward off some future event.

examples of such behavior include repeated washing of the hands or counting and

recounting ones belongings.


The specific term for a shcitzo is a group of serios disorders beginning

usually in adolescence or young adulthood. This mental disorder has a lot of

different symptoms but the main ones are diturbances in thought, perception

emotion and interpersonal relations. What this disorder basically means is that

the person is split minded but by no means mean they have a split personality.

Split personality means that the one person acts like two people or several

people. This disorder always occurs before a person hits middle age. All

scientists agree that there is no single cause for schitzophrenia. What is

known is that LSD is one of the major causes. There is a better chance for an

offspring from a parent that has the disease is more likely to get the disorder

than any other Joe thats a parent does not have this horrible disorder.

Schitzophrenia is has a greater chance in twins more than a single baby. The

chances increase to about 35 to 58%. And that statistic takes me to my example

of schitzophrenia. His name is Jimmy Sanders. If a person knew him well like I

do they would just call him Cat. He is definetly a Schitzo. He dresses like a

hippy! His attire is made up of the following: Red or black bandana, black

straight leg jeans, white under shirt, usually a red, black, or green silk shirt

buttoned half way up, jean jacket or trench coat, black combat boots, wallet

with a chain, and the best of all a red silk sash. Cat also has many accesories

that he struts with they are: Boom box, metal detector, and the coolest bike

ever seen it is a very highly modified shwinn. It has a long, skinny body like

the Cat, with a 10-speed tire on the back with a small scooter tire on the front.

The exterior has a shiny chrome finish, the bike also has some sort of skull

mounted to the front of it. Now if anyone would own that much weird stuff they

have to have a few screws lose in their head. from long days of observing Jimmy

and his behaviors I have noticed that the definition of a schitzo sums Jimmy

right up. One day one can talk to Cat and not have no problems with him. Like

one day I was sitting on a buddy of mines front porch waiting for Cat to walk by.

Finally Jimmy walked by and I said, “Hey.” Cat said,”Got any guns for sell?” My

buddy replied,”No, I just bought a 357.” Cat said, “That all get the job done.

Now that was a pleasant conversation with Jimmy. So that scenario represents

what I will call Bluegill #1. Now deep down in Jimmy’s heart there is a mean

side. One day down at the old football field in the small town of Clinton

Earnie Simpson was doing a little running. Cat strutted down to the field and

started doing some detecting with his fine metal detector. Earnie went over to

Cat and said, “Finding anything?” Jimmy grabbed his knife and waved it in

Earnie’s face. Cat roared,”You know there is a jail in this town. Earnie

said,”Uh, yal.” Cat screemed, “Ya wanted go there?” Earnie replied, “What for?”

“Harrassment” roared Cat. Earnie took of because he thought Cat was going to

kill him with his knife. Now that situation showed the mean side of Jimmy

Sanders. That mean side I will call Bluegill #2. So the short term for

schitzophrenia is Split Minded and that is definetly Jimmy. Jimmy has two

mindes the nice Cat (Bluegill #1) is when Jimmy is seen with not so weird

clothes on and he usually is not talking to himself or nonliving objects. Jimmy

mean mind (Bluegill #2) is when one sees Jimmy talking to trees and other

nonliving objects. This is known because when schitzos’ are really messed in

the head on one certain day they are meaner than usuall. Schitzophrenia can be

worse one day more than an other. So from all that I was trying to get that

schitzophrenia occurs in twins more than single offsprings that there is some

chance that the hippy might just possibly have an identicle twin. That would be

a bless to Clinton if there was another Jimmy struttin’ around town. So next

time you see Cool Cat say hello. He is not a bad guy he just has a few problems

in the head.

Most mental disorders can be treated and in most cases there can be a

85% recovery. The only problem is to convince the person into taken medication

because they think they are fine. In some cases people with a disorder think

that the goverment is making them take the drugs.


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Schitzophrenia And Other Mental Disorders Essay Research

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