Flourescence InSitu Essay Research Paper Flourescence insitu


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Реферат на тему Flourescence InSitu Essay Research Paper Flourescence insitu

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Flourescence In-Situ Essay, Research Paper

Flourescence in-situ hybridisation is a great advancement in technologybecause there are fewer chances of a miscarriage, the parents receive fasterresults, and the tests are easier to do. In the future, FISH will be able todecrease the chances of a miscarriage by using samples of maternal bloodinstead of amniotic fluid. The problem with amniocentesis is it uses a hollowneedle to take fluid from the mother’s uterus. The needle could damage thedeveloping fetus if not inserted properly. Another advantage of FISH is thatthe parents get a much quicker test result than amniocentesis. After thesample is taken, amniocentesis can take up to three weeks before a test can

be administered. With FISH, a same day result is given, which is much moreconvenient to the parents. Additionally, FISH is a simpler process. It usesspecially prepared molecules which bind to specific regions of DNA. To find aparticular gene, the examiner just looks for the flourescent coloured molecule that bonds to that specific gene. In amniocentesis, test cells are culturedfor three weeks and then tested. The chromosomes are then counted manually,and compared to a chart of normal chromosomes. This can be difficult, as thetester is looking for an extra chromosome 21. So because the test is muchsimpler, quicker, and reduces the risks of miscarriages, flourescence in-situhybridisation is an incredible discovery in the field of genetics.


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Flourescence InSitu Essay Research Paper Flourescence insitu

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