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Реферат на тему Communications

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Hello every one!

Topic of our presentation today is: “Communications”.

We’ve split our talk in three main parts.

Firstly, we’ll speak about relevance of the theme. Secondly, we’ll speak about different types of communication. And finally, we’ll talk about ways to improve communications between people.

1/Let us give you some background about what communication is. Communication is the activity that sets humans apart from the lower beings. We cannot think of any of daily activity happening without communication. In fact, we cannot survive properly without proper communication. Effective communication allows us to comprehend others and makes ourselves understand.

Communication plays an important role in management. Nothing happens in management until communication takes place. It is a well-known fact that mangers spend most of their working time in communication with others.

The three main constituents of communication are sender, message and receiver. A person who conveys some message is known as encoder or sender. The message is the subject matter of communication. If there is no message, there is no communication. The person for whom the communication is meant or who receives the message is the decoder or receiver.

Generally communication is understood as spoken or written words. But in realty, it is more than that. It comprises everything that may be used to express meanings to others, e.g. lips movement; blink of an eye may express more meanings as compared to written or spoken words.

Let us now introduce you basic elements of communication.

Simply, we can define communication as “sharing of ideas or feelings with others.” Communication takes places when one person transmits information and understanding to another person. There is a communication when you respond or listen to someone. Movements of lips, the wave of hands or the wink of an eye may convey more meaning than even written or spoken words. The basic elements of communication process include communicator, communicatee, message, channel and feedback.

- Communicator is the sender, speaker, issuer or writer, who intends to express or send out a message.

- Communicatee is the receiver of the message for whom the communication is meant. The communicatee receives the information, order or message.

- Message, which is also known as the subject matter of this process, i.e., the content of the letter, speech, order, information, idea, or suggestion.

- Communication channel or the media through which the sender passes the information and understanding to the receiver. It acts as a connection between the communicator and the communicatee, i.e., the levels of communication or relationships that exist between different individuals or departments of an organization.

- Feedback, which is essential to make communication, a successful one. It is the effect, reply or reaction of the information transmitted to the communicatee.

Firstly, the communicator develops an exact idea about concepts, beliefs or data that he wants to convey. Then he translates the idea into words, symbols or some other form of message which he expects the receiver to understand. The communicator picks out an appropriate medium for transmitting the message. The message is then received by the communicatee. The communicatee acts upon the message as he has understood it. Finally, the effectualness of communication is assessed through response or feedback. If the communication brings in the desired changes in the actions, it is said to be successful communication.

Now we’re moving to different types of communication.
First will be communication in organization.

2/ Communication is considered to be an essential human skill. The ability to communicate affectively has become one of the major skills of a successful manager. An organization without proper communication network is derisory and imperfect. The main objective of communication is to grease and assist the organization. It helps management in planning effectively and controlling efficiently.

The chief aim of communication is to effect change in someone, i.e., to shape action or to secure inactiveness in the total interest of a business enterprise. It is flux that binds people together in an organization. It can be considered as the inspiriting force resulting to industrial harmony and can be a device for ascertaining and talking remedial action to ensure the achievement of the desired goals.

Communication helps business to reach its goal and keep all business transactions in line. Without communication, nothing is possible. The main purposes of communication are given below: -

• To keep employees informed.

• To provide employees with guidelines and directions in connection with their duties and responsibilities.

• To solicit information from workforce which may assist organization?

• To make each & every employee interested in his respective job and in the work of the company as a whole.

• To convey management interest in the personnel.

• To lessen or avert labor turnover.

• To encourage each and every employee with personal pride in being a member of the company.

Second will be importance of communication in business.

The importance of communication in the context of modern industrial set up is enormous. It is essential for decision making and planning. It enables the management to secure information without which it may not be possible to take any decision. The quality of managerial decisions depends upon the quality of communication.

Communication is a primary requirement for making decisions. In its absence it may not be possible for the top management to take any decision. Information must be received before any meaningful decision can be made. The big organizations are designed on the basis of specialization and division of labor. Coordination is a must for the efficient functioning of an enterprise. Coordination requires mutual understanding about the organizational goals, the mode of their achievement and the inter relationships between the work being performed by various individuals and all this can be achieved through communication only.

An efficient system of communication enables the management to mould the attitude of the subordinate. Most of the conflicts in business are not basic but are caused by misunderstood motives and ignorance of the facts. Communication is essential for quick and systematic performance of managerial functions. It is the basis of direction and leadership. It is an influencing process. By developing the skill of communication, a manger can be a real leader of his subordinates. A good system of communication brings them in close contact with each other and removes misunderstanding.

Effective communication increases managerial capacity too. A manager is a human being and has limitations as to time and energy that he can devote to his activities. He has to assign duties and response to his subordinates. Through communication, a manager can effectively delegate his authority and responsibility to others and thus increases his managerial capacity.

And finally, we’ll talk about effective communications.

So, how to make communication effective? Here’s the answer.

Effective communication is crucial for the success of an organization. Communication takes place when one person transfers data and understanding to another person. An effectual communication is one which is properly followed by the ‘receiver of the message and his feedback is known to the ‘sender’ or transmitter. The below are some points that may be taken to lessen communication barriers for making it more valuable: -

- It is very important to be familiar with the ‘audience’ for whom the message is meant. The message to be communicated must be clear in the mind of the communicator because if you don’t comprehend an idea, you can never convey it to other person. The message should be adequate and apposite towards the communication purpose.

- In order to avert semantic barriers, the message should be conveyed in easy, concise and understandable language. The expressions or signs chosen for communicating the message must be suitable to the reference and understanding of the recipient.

- To make business communication effective, the structure of the organization must be sound and suitable to the requirements of the organization. The management should make efforts to make communication process more effective and understandable.

- To avoid creditability gap, management must guarantee that their procedures and activities are in accordance with the communication. Communication is not complete unless the reply or response of the receiver of the message is received by the sender or communicator. The success of communication can be evaluated from the reaction. Therefore, feedback must be bucked up and examined.

The term ‘effective communication’ actually describes a process of representing your views, reviews and ideas in an effective and attractive manners. The basic purpose of effective communication is to convince the other people at or for your ideas. The effective communication is profitable at every aspect of our life, if we have high-end communication skills, we can reach our targets in easy terms.

The parties and stages include in communication processes include sender, massage, channel, receiver, feedback and context. Learning and understanding all these aspects and practicing clear, concise, accurate, well-planned communication can make you a perfect communicator of this tough world. is an online resource for any and all queries regarding writing, reading and communications and it also enclosed numbers of effective communication ideas. The site is informative, and is not a substitute for consulting a professional speaker.

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